With the surprising popularity of my interview with TK&R's David Moore, and seeing how many people want more information, I will be taking my project further for the benefit of all concerned about the radiation situation in Japan and the world and how to stay safe.

I am working on creating a website to help people living in Japan, coming to Japan or thinking about coming to Japan.

The website will be a place to find out what radiation is, how it effects you and the environment, what you need to know to stay safe, how to use a Geiger counter, scaler, and ratemeter, How to test radiation in the environment and food, resources for getting assistance, reviews of equipment and prices, a podcast all about radiation, Japan, and the "how to's" of taking charge of your safety, and hopefully a YouTube channel in the future.

I will be asking questions, with the intent to publish to the website for the benefit of everyone. 

If you want to be a contributor to the website, for now, I can offer links to your work and recognition.  Perhaps, as the website and information grows, I can offer more, but I am just getting this off the ground.  For now, I will be posting what I can to until I decide on a name and URL.

Cheers and thank you for supporting the community!


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