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A Single Pill/Supplement/Injection Can Remove Radiation from the Body?Fact or Fraud?

Can a single pill, shot, or supplement get rid of radiation in the body? The simple answer is no.
The long answer is a bit more complicated.

Radiation is not a substance that can be cleared from the body.  For more information on what is radiation, please read what is radiation. Radiation comes from unstable radionuclides such as cesium 134 and 137, or Iodine 131.  As these radionuclides decay, they emit radiation in Alpha, Beta, Gamma or Neutron.

The only way to remove radiation from the body is to remove the radionuclides, and unless you live in a highly contaminated area or eat highly contaminated food, 99.9% of the radionuclides in your body will be naturally occurring. Luckily, your body removes radionuclides on it's own in what is called the biological half-life. Meaning over a specific amount of time, your body will have removed about half of the amount of a certain radio nuclide.  This biological half-life is different for each radionuclide. One example is Cesium 137, which has a biological half-life of 3-4 months, (70-100 days {but depends on age and sex, longer the older you are and longer for males.}) The decay half-life of Cesium 137 is 30 years. Your body will remove the cesium 137 on it's own long before it decays naturally.

The concern in a nuclear disaster is the release of radioactive isotopes of normally non-radioactive elements.  Iodine 131 for example.  Your thyroid gland uses Iodine to make hormones that regulates your body's metabolism. The body doesn't know the difference between Iodine and it's unstable isotope Iodine 131, and will indiscriminately use whatever is at hand that fits the need. To mitigate this effect you can flood your thyroid with stable Iodine. If there is enough stable Iodine, there is less chance your thyroid will use the radioactive isotope, but it is still only a chance and not 100%.

For other materials that your body does not normally use, such as Cesium, the reason your body absorbs and uses these elements is similar to the Iodine example, but a little different.  For this example, Cesium is similar in properties to Potassium. Potassium is regularly used by your body in many ways such as normal nerve and muscle activity. When a shortage of potassium in the body occurs, your body will use whatever is the closest match.  If Cesium 134 or cesium 137 is present, your body will use it in place of potassium.

The best way to stay safe from radionuclides is to limit your intake.  Source your food and try to buy food that has been tested and contains little or no cesium. When the testing results are not accurate, unknown or not present, buying food from areas you are more sure of is advisable.  When given a choice of three apples, two are from Fukushima, one is from America; Where one of the Fukushima apples and the American Apples are not tested, while the other Fukushima apples were tested and found to have 0 contamination, the wisest choice would be to buy the tested Fukushima apples.

Medical treatments for Radiation poisoning:

There is no magic pill that will remove radiation from the body, but there are a couple ways to remove metallic isotopes from the body.  They are all types of Chelation: a treatment type for removing certain heavy metals from the body.
Chelation treatment is where a chemical such as DMSA, DTPA, or DMPS just to name a few, is injected into the body intravenously. These Chemicals bind to metals or specific metals, allowing your body to naturally flush them from the system.

The major side effect of Chelation therapy, and this is potentially fatal, is the indiscriminate removal of metals from the body. Your body needs certain metals such as Copper, Zinc, and especially Iron to function normally. Under Chelation treatment therapy, your levels of these useful important metals may decline to dangerously low levels.  Anyone taking this treatment must be monitored for these declines, and supplemented, in some cases, urgently.

Prussian Blue is a dye that binds to some radioactive elements, such as Thallium or Cesium specifically, allowing the body to naturally remove it from the system. It is a more specific form of chellation therapy.  Prussian blue is very effective at removing Cesium from the body and is only available for this use by prescription.  Prussian blue can be found in some paints that also contain lead and other dangerous chemicals. Do not ingest Prussian blue without a doctor's supervision as you could seriously damage your body if not taken correctly or if taken by way of a product that is not intended for internal use. 

Fraudulent Claims of Radiation Removal:

I cannot stress enough how careful you should be when considering buying supplements or treatments for the removal of radiation from your body.  Many products on the market falsely promise amazing things about radiation removal and you should be aware that these are scams.

One specific supplement called NCD by Waiora claims to chelate only harmful substances from the body.  This kind of claim is the magic-bullet-miracle claim.  They further promote their product as a detoxifying supplement that will remove other toxic chemicals and products from your body while leaving everything your body needs intact.  Basically, whatever your worry is, this product is marketed to make you think it will cure your specific ailment.

NCD is not registered for sale in Japan, and is listed as a natural supplement in the USA.  Meaning they have not proven it does what they claim it does to the FDA.

Upon asking about how Waiora backs up their claims, I was given many PDFs by one of their Multi-Level-Marketing associates on the use of the active ingredient Zeolite in unverifiable scientific looking experiments; all published by the company but never seen in any scientific peer reviewed journal.  Most of the material I was given was for a chemical called clinoptilolite, and the research was not on how it is used in the body, but how it is used in dirt or the environment to remove "impurities."

The associate further assured me that the product was cleared for sale in Japan, but could not produce evidence of the registration.  Later the associate told me that their product EDN was registered but NCD had not yet been registered.  Again, no evidence of this registration was given.  The associate also offered to get me in contact with the company representative, scientist and answer-man, Rik Deitsch.  but, as of this date, no contact has been made.

Radiation Treatment Summary:

There is no treatment for radiation, only for removal of radioactive elements in the body.  Prevention is far better than the consequences of contamination. Avoid contaminated areas, avoid contaminated products, and source your food.

Chelation treatments are dangerous and should be administered by medical doctors to patients under close supervision.  Attempting treatment on your own can be dangerous if not fatal.   

For those that have been exposed to radiation contamination, please seek medical attention from a doctor.  The very first procedure should be external decontamination.

Stay Safe, Stay Smart.

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