Friday, March 30, 2012

Helping the Japan Nuclear Disaster Refugees, one comic at a time.

Japan's Disaster may be over in the minds of most people abroad, but the truth is that 80,000 people are still living in government housing.  Hundreds of thousands are refugees in their own country, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.  The people keep asking for Tepco to reimburse them for their losses, Tepco keeps asking the government to help them pay their dues, and the government is taxing the people by double as much over the next few years. More on that here.

The money is drying up, inside and outside of Japan.  People are no longer making the kind of donations they were the few months after March 11th.  The Nuclear Refugees of Japan are finding less and less help.

Step in Jason Minor.  He's a comic and 3D artist touched by the plight of Japan's refugees, inspired by people with big ideas, and driven by the desire to help.

With the help of some big names in the comic and fiction industry, Jason has created a 3 book anthology of fables as E-books.  They sell for a mere $3.95, are beautifully written and illustrated and the proceeds go to help the Japan nuclear refugees get medical, psychological, housing and job assistance that they so desperately need.

This E-book is worth every penny! I would buy it just for the writers' and artists' names that contributed. Currently there are only two books available with the third one in production, and I can't wait.  I've already purchased the first two, and it is hard to believe that this book is so inexpensive.  For more information on this story and a coming interview with the man that brought so many great names together, please visit Grinning Studios.

To buy the book now, please click the image:

$3.95 E-book worth every penny. 70% of the money goes to Japan charity.
Want a sample to see why these books are so awesome?
Follow the link or check out the Grinning Studios article.

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