Monday, January 9, 2012

First Purchase from CHP Consultants.

Purchased Equipment:
A: GX-2 2x2 NaI scintillation detector.
Cost: $800 Calibration Cost: $40
B: Ludlum 44-9 GM pancake detector.
Cost: $175 used. Calibration Cost: $40
C: Ludlum 2221 Ratemeter/scaler/SCA.
Cost: $1250 used.
D:BNC cable with BNC to C connector.
Cost: $30

Shipping: $78
Batteries: 4 D size for the 2221.
Cost:¥570x2 or $14.76
SubTotal: $2,427.76 Customs duties: $73.79
Grand Total: $2,500.55 or ¥193,160

The equipment arrived on 1-7-2012

The 44-9 had a bad internal screw and we will be sending it back for replacement.
The GX-2 was opened and the crystal was exposed by Customs, but it appears to be undamaged. Works great and is extremely sensitive. 
The 2221 analog display is not working.  We are sending it back for a refund.

Running Total:   ¥193,160

Items were purchased from CHP Consultants.

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